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Single Cell Analysis CSHL Course June/July 2020


Single Cell Analysis CSHL Course


When: June 16 - July 11, 2020

 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Campus
             Cold Spring Harbor, NY

Website: https://meetings.cshl.edu/courses.aspx?course=C-single&year=20


Applications Due: March 15, 2020


David Chenoweth, University of Pennsylvania

Michael McConnell, Lieber Institute for Brain Development

Sydney Shaffer, University of Pennsylvania

Gene Yeo, University of California, San Diego

The goal of this two-week course is to teach students cutting-edge wet-lab approaches for single cell analysis, and to provide familiarity with basic bioinformatic approaches to single cell data. Modules of the course will be taught by scientists with expertise in distinct areas of single cell analysis. Topics to be covered include quantitative single cell analysis by RNAseq, genomic DNA analysis, proteomics, and metabolomics. 


·     Droplet- and microwell based single cell isolation

·     Single cell RNA seq library preparation

·     Single molecule FISH

·     Single cell peptidomics with Mass Spec

·     Single cell western blot

·     Photoactivatable single cell probes

·     Single cell mass spectrometry 

·     Soft X-ray tomography

·     Introductory single cell sequencing analysis