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Lymphatic Forum 2019

Lymphatic Forum 2019
Exploring the Lymphatic Continuum

May 30-June 1, 2019
AT&T Conference Center
Austin, TX

 Austin at Evening

hosted by Texas A&M University, College Station, TX and
the Texas Lymphatic Consortium

Organizers are:
David Zawieja, Texas A&M University
Stanley Rockson, Stanford University
Jan Kitajewski, University of Illinois, Chicago


Download, distribute and post a flyer - FlyerA   FlyerB

Preliminary Program

Sessions and Chairs:

Clinical/patient session Clinical Aspects of lymphatic pathologies and patient perspectives – S. Rockson (Stanford Univ.)
Lymphatic development and remodeling – M. Kahn (Univ. of Penn.)
Biomechanics of lymphatic structure & function - B. Dixon (Georgia Tech.)
Lymphatic muscle and lymph flow - M. Davis (Univ. of Missouri)
Novel insights on mechanisms of lymph transport - S. Chakraborty (Texas A&M Univ.)
Inflammation and the lymphatic-immune interface - G. Randolph (Washington Univ.)
Role of Lymphatics in infectious and parasitic diseases – T. Padera (Harvard)
Mixed vascular (lymphatic-venous) anomalies - P. Mortimer (Univ. of London)
Quantitative analysis of lymphatic structure & function -  J. Moore (Imperial College London)
Lymph Interstitial Fluid "omic" profiles in health and disease - L. Santambrogio (Albert Einstein Univ.)
Lymphatic tissue engineering, stem cells and nanoparticles - M. Swartz (Univ. of Chicago)


Plenary Talk
Poster Sessions

Great opportunities for Young Investigators 
Trainee/Young Investigators Session – Chairs and speakers will be selected from trainee/YI applicants
Trainee/Young Investigator NanoTalks – every session will have shorts talks by trainee/YI applicants


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