Vasculata 2014

July 14-17, 2014
Seattle, WA

Sponsored by:   

University of Washington  
and NAVBO  

Vasculata is an intense four-day course introducing the basics of cardiovascular biology in context with the cutting edge of the impact of new approaches to our ability to treat the most common causes of human disease in our society.

Vasculata combines seminars, a self- teaching program and workshops to provide attendees with a unique learning experience in a field not covered in text books or even by courses in most universities. The self-teaching program, called the VASCULATA WORKSHEET, provides a resource we expect attendees will continue to find valuable throughout their career. 

Highlights of VASCULATA 2014 include an emphasis on stem cells and developmental biology.  Joint sessions on Thursday will be co-sponsored by NAVBO and the Society for Developmental Biology.  There will be ample time for interactions with faculty, including NIH staff.  Other opportunities include discussion sessions, poster sessions and a BBQ on Wednesday on the shores of Seattle’s Lake Union.  
Workshops on practical topics such as imaging of the coronary vasculature in mice, MRI imaging of grafts and stem cells, differentiation and characterization of stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes, the zebrafish as a model system of cardiac development, and engineering vascular networks, will be offered for a limited number of attendees. 

Vasculata 2014 is being held at the South Lake Union Campus of the University of Washington in Seattle.  It is being organized by Drs. Stephen Schwartz, Charles Murry, Michael LaFlamme and Mark Majesky of the University of Washington.

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