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Matrix/Biogengineering Schedule

Vascular Matrix Biology and Bioengineering Workshop VI


Monday, October 16, 8:30am - Vascular Tissue Engineering

Human textiles: A new generation of completely biological tissue engineered blood vessels
Nicolas L’Heureux, Université de Bordeaux
  Cardiovascular tissue engineering
Christopher Breuer, Nationwide Children’s Hospital
  Two Abstract Presentations

Coffee break from 10:00 to 10:30am

Monday, October 16, 10:30am - Mechanotransduction

The effects of extracellular matrix stiffening on endothelial cell health
Cynthia Reinhart-King, Cornell University
  Coupling of extracellular matrix and cell-cell adhesion to vascular smooth muscle contraction
Gerald Meininger, University of Missouri 
  Two Abstract Presentations

Lunch 12:00-1:30pm

Monday, October 16, 2:00pm - Vascular Mechanics

Mechanisms and mechanics of pulmonary arterial stiffening
Naomi Chesler, University of Wisconsin
  Elastic fibers and the mechanics of developing arteries
Jessica Wagenseil, Washington University

Four Abstract Presentations

Dinner from 6:00 to 7:00pm

Tuesday, October 17, 8:30am - Extracellular Matrix and Disease

Differences in extracellular matrix define disease susceptibility and progression in elastic vs muscular arteries
Robert Mecham, Washington University, St. Louis
New insights into arterial disease in Marfan syndrome
Francesco Ramirez, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Two Abstract Presentations

Coffee break - 10:00-10:30am

Tuesday, October 17, 10:30am - Vascular Calcification

Insights into vascular biology from rare disease
Cynthia St. Hillaire, University of Pittsburgh
  Biomechanical regulation of fibrocalcific aortic valve disease
Craig Simmons, University of Toronto
  Molecular and cellular mechanisms of aortic valve remodeling
Katherine E. Yutzey, Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center
  One Abstract Presentation

Lunch from 12:15 to 1:30pm

Wednesday, October 18, 8:30am - Vascular Imaging

Integrating 4-D light-sheet imaging and hemodynamic shear forces to elucidate endocardial Notch-Nrg1-ErbB2 signaling and trabeculation
Tzung Hsiai, University of California, Los Angeles
  Molecular imaging of vascular remodeling
Mehran Sadeghi, Yale University
  Two Abstract Presentations

Wednesday, October 18, 10:30am - Engineering Angiogenesis

3D printing of vascularized tissues for in vitro and in vivo studies
Jordan Miller, Harvard University
  Vascularization of tissue engineered constructs: alternative foreign body responses
Michael Sefton, University of Toronto
  Two Abstract Presentations

Thursday, October 19, 8:30am - Special Joint Session: Engineering Vascular Morphogenesis

GTPase regulation of actomyosin during blood vessel tubulogenesis
Ondine Cleaver, UT Southwestern Medical Center
  Leveraging Instructive Cues from the ECM to Direct Tissue Development
Jean Schwarzbauer, Princeton University
  Vascular Smooth Muscle: A Developmental Mosaic
Mark Majesky, University of Washington
  Six Abstract Presentations

 Session concludes at 12:00pm