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NHLBI Emerging Investigator Award (R35)

The purpose of the NHLBI Emerging Investigator Award (EIA) is to promote scientific productivity and innovation by providing long-term support and increased flexibility to Program Directors /Principal Investigators (PDs/PIs) who currently have two NHLBI R01 awards, of which one must be an NHLBI-funded NIH Early Stage Investigator R01 award, and whose outstanding record of research demonstrate their ability to make major contributions to heart, lung, blood and sleep (HLBS) research.

The NHLBI EIA is intended to support a research program, rather than a research project, by providing the primary, and most likely sole, source of NHLBI funding on individual grant awards. The NHLBI EIA will support the research program of NHLBI-funded investigators for up to seven years. The NHLBI EIA will provide investigators increased freedom to conduct research that breaks new ground or extends previous discoveries in new directions. It will also allow PDs/PIs to take greater risks and to pursue research that requires a longer timeframe. Research supported by the NHLBI EIA should be within the scope of the NHLBI mission (http://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/about/org/mission), sleep disorders closely-coupled to HLB outcomes, or basic sleep and circadian regulation.

It is anticipated that the NHLBI EIA will:

•Provide a stable funding environment, thereby improving productivity and facilitating ambitious, creative research;

•Increase scientific innovation by enabling flexibility in pursuing new research directions as they arise, since PDs/PIs will not be bound to specific aims proposed in advance of the studies;

•Reduce the time researchers spend writing grant applications and managing multiple grant awards, thereby allowing more time to be devoted to conducting research;

•Facilitate PDs/PIs commitment to research through increased stability of funding; and

•Enable PDs/PIs to devote more time and energy to mentoring junior scientists and providing scientific service.


Eligibility to apply through this FOA is limited to PDs/PIs who meet all of the following criteria:

•Currently have two NHLBI R01 awards, of which one must be an NHLBI-funded NIH Early Stage Investigator (ESI) R01; and

•Can commit a minimum of 50% research effort (i.e., minimum of six calendar months) throughout the duration of the NHLBI EIA.


Investigators receiving NHLBI EIAs must relinquish their other NHLBI research grants, with a limited number of exceptions as outlined in Part 2, Section I.

More information can be found at: http://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/rfa-files/RFA-HL-16-025.html