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Then and Now

Help NAVBO celebrate its 25th Anniversary by celebrating you, the NAVBO member.  Share with other members how you have changed, how your science has changed, or how your methods have changed.  Let's take a look at how the field of vascular biology has evolved over the past 25 years.  Send your photos, stories and videos to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Rosemary Akhurst

R Akhurst Dec1994

“Reader” at Glasgow University Dept Medical Genetics at the time (Reader is equivalent to a senior associate professor)


Rosemary is currently a Professor In Residence, Helen Diller Family
Comprehensive Cancer Center at UCSF

Michelle Bendeck

MichelleBendeck Then

In 1994, Michelle Bendeck was a postdoc at the
University of Washington in Seattle.



Today, Michelle is the NAVBO Past President!
and a Professor at the University of Toronto

Elisa Boscolo


Elisa Boscolo, in Venice Italy, she was admiring her birthday cake - can you guess her age in this picture??







Elisa at the 2012 IVBM in       Elisa is now Assistant Professor Germany (she was a post-      at Cincinnati Children’s
doc in J. Bischoff's lab)              Hospital and yes, she still likes
                                                                birthday cake, but not the

Ondine Cleaver


Ondine was a second year graduate student in Paul Krieg's lab at the University of Texas-Austin



Ondine is now a Professor at UT Southwestern
and is currently NAVBO's President!

Michael Dellinger


Michael was a skater in 8th grade at
Desert Horizon Elementary School in Phoenix



Now Mike enjoys fishing and is an 
Assistant Professor at UT Southwestern.

Zorina Galis

Galis Then

Research Fellow, Vascular Medicine
and a NAVBO Founding Member


Galis Now

Chief of Vascular Biology and Hypertension, NHLBI
and NAVBO Councilor

 Jan Kitajewski

Kitajewski Before NAVBO

Assistant Professor of Pathology at
Columbia University in New York, NY



Head of the Department of Physiology
at University of Illinois Chicago, IL

Bill Muller

Bill Muller then

"Here I am in my carefree days
when NAVBO was young and so was I."

 Bill Muller now20025 years of vascular biology including serving as NAVBO President, long stints on the Council as Secretary/Treasurer, and even Chair of the Program Committee (back when there was such a thing), has taken a toll on me.  Those of you who have only met me recently might not think so, but I’m the one on the left in the “Then” picture.  

Wayne Orr

NAVBO Then and Now Orr

Wayne was in high school and on stage in Oklahoma!  
(The musical, not the state!) in 1994



Wayne is currently the Director,
Center for Cardiovascular Diseases and Sciences; 
Professor and Director, Division of Research in the
Department of Pathology and Translational Pathobiology at LSU Health, Shreveport and on the NAVBO council

Kristy Red-Horse


Kristy was graduating from Benton High School in Akansas. 
(I'm sure she had honors in science!)


Kristy is now an Associate Professor at Stanford. 
Here she is in the Rodin Garden on Stanford's campus

Linda Shapiro


Linda in 1994 with her beautiful children.  She was an Assistant Professor at St. Jude in Memphis, Department of Hematology.



Today, Linda is the Director of the Center for Vascular Biology at UConn
and was recently elected to the NAVBO Council.  
Here she is with family at her daughter's wedding.

Cynthia St. Hilaire


In 1994, Cindy was aspiring for a better summer job when she finally get her driver's license!


Cindy is now an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh,
 Division of Cardiology and Faculty Member,
Pittsburgh Heart, Lung, and Blood Vascular Medicine Institute
Cindy just joined the NAVBO Council!

 Bernadette Englert

BME Then200

Bernadette married Robert Skelton in May, 1994.  She had already begun her work with NAVBO as their Administrator.


BME headshot

Bernadette at the IVBM 2016
(it's three years ago, but she hasn't changed that much)