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Tsutomu Kume, Ph.D.

Northwestern University School of Medicine

Research Interests: Blood and lymphatic vessel development; transcriptional control of vascular gene expression; vascular cell signaling; angiogenesis; lymphangiogenesis; vascular homeostasis and dysfunction

NAVBO Activities: NAVBO Member since 2007; Chair, Meritorious Awards Committee (2020-2023); Meritorious Awards Committee Member (2019-2020); Education Committee Member (2015-2018); Chair, Springer Award Session, Vascular Biology 2020 and 2021; Moderator, Poster Discussion Session, Vascular Biology 2020; Co-Organizer, Vasculata 2017; Session (Co-)Chair, Vascular Biology 2017 and 2018; Poster Presenter, Speaker, and Poster Judge at NAVBO meetings

Related Experience:  Reviewer Member for AHA National Established Investigator Award (EIA) - Basic Sciences (2011-2014), Career Development Award - Basic Vascular Sciences (2018); Member, AHA BCVS Katz Award Committee of the Council on Basic Cardiovascular Sciences (2021-2023); Ad hoc Reviewer for NIH/NHLBI Special Emphasis Panel (SEP), Cardiovascular Differentiation and Development (CDD), Vascular Cell and Molecular Biology (VCMB), Integrative Myocardial Physiology/Pathophysiology B (MPPB) Study Sections (2014-2017, 2021-2022); Charter Member for NIH/NHLBI VCMB and IVPP Study Sections (2017-2021); Associate Editor, Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology (2021-)