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Vascular Biology 2020

Vascular Biology

NAVBO Online logo BigMarkerOctober 26-29, 2020
This is a virtual event.  

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Keynote Lectures:

Dr. Jonathan Kipnis, University of Virginia
Dr. Maiken Nedergaard, Universities of Rochester and Copenhagen


NAVBO Welcomes Guest Societies:

MCS2019The Microcirculatory Society



The decision to go virtual was not made lightly, but it was the best choice and as we see now - the only alternative due to the continuing effects of the pandemic.  The organizers have put together some exciting opportunities to augment the program.  The formal meeting program will begin each day at 11am ET with one of the Joint Sessions (10:30am on Thursday for the Springer Award Lecture), these sessions will be followed by round tables (Meet the Professor/Meet the Exhibitors on Monday and Poster Discussions on Tuesday and Wednesday).  Following these interactive sessions, will be workshop sessions presented concurrently as they would at the live meeting.  Because we have members and meeting attendees from Asia and Australia, we are holding live discussions in the "Evening" (8:00pm ET).  These sessions will host a panel of speakers from sessions held earlier in the day.  Posters will be available for two weeks prior to the meeting - only meeting registrants will have access to these posters and will be able to correspond with authors.  These ePosters will include an audio presentation by the author.  

In addition to the main programming described above, we will hold multiple Round Table discussions that can be scheduled for anytime within two hours before and after the main program.  These will include attendee sessions: when you register, feel free to suggest topics and volunteer to moderate a round table.  We expect to cover topics in science, career development and other relevant topics.  Round tables will be limited to 30 people each and will be "open mic/web cam on" interactive discussions.  Several of these will happen concurrently and you may move from one to another. We also encourage you to visit the virtual exhibit booths and take the opportunity to meet with representatives of companies that support NAVBO and its meetings.  And finally, attendees can use the event platform to reach out to other attendees and set up private meetings - get together with colleagues and friends and create your own coffee breaks!  



Biology of Signaling in the Cardiovascular System Workshop VI

Organized by Anne Eichmann, Yale School of Medicine and
Jason Fish, University of Toronto

Intersection of Cellular Metabolism and Vascular Health
Endothelial lipid metabolism
Zoltan Arany (University of Pennsylvania)
Metabolic regulation of endothelial growth state
Michael Potente (Max Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research)

Systems Biology, Epigenetics and Non-coding RNA
Advances in cardiovascular genomics
Mark Caulfield (Queen Mary University of London)
Dissecting the Role of Novel Cardiovascular Micropeptides
Catherine Makarewich (UT Southwestern)

Blood Vessel Morphogenesis and Vascular Malformations in the Brain
Novel approaches for the study of neurovascular development
Stefania Nicoli (Yale School of Medicine)
Angiopoietin-Tek signaling implications on arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) associated with HHT
Stryder Meadowns (Tulane University)

Signals that Control Angiogenesis, Lymphangiogenesis and Vascular Remodeling
How VEGF signaling balances proliferation and migration
Arnt Siekmann (University of Pennsylvania)
Regulation of vascular growth
Luisa Iruela-Arispe (Northwestern University)

Pericyte Signaling in Health and Disease
Sponsored by the Microcirculatory Society
Pericyte regulation of microvascular rarefaction in disease

Anjelica Gozalez (Yale School of Medicine)
Optogenetic regulation of pericytes
Amy Nelson (University of South Alabama)

Neurovascular Niche and Disease
Neurovascular interactions: mechanisms, imaging, therapeutics
Katerina Akassoglou (University of California, San Francisco/Gladstone Institutes)
Molecular regulation of BBB formation and maintenance
Calvin Kuo (Stanford University)

Cellular Heterogeneity/Plasticity and Organ-Specific Vasculature
Epithelial Vegfa specifies a distinct endothelial population in the mouse lung
Jichao Chen (MD Anderson)
Metabolic and transcriptomic heterogeneity of endothelial cells
Joanna Kalucka (Aarhus University)


Vascular Inflammation Workshop III

Organized by William A. Muller, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and Gwendalyn Randolph, Washington University in St. Louis.

Resolution of Inflammation
Pro-resolving GPCRs to promote the resolution of inflammation
Mauro Perretti (Queen Mary University of London)
Resolvins and novel pro-resolving mediators in the resolution of vascular inflammation
Charles Serhan (Brigham & Women's Hospital)

Imaging Inflammation
Visualizing leukocyte migration from vasculature to inflamed tissue
Minsoo Kim (University of Rochester)
Imaging the role of different populations of monocytes and macrophage in inflammation
Paul Kubes (University of Calgary)

Inflammation in Special Vascular Beds
Sponsored by the American Society for Investigative Pathology
Mechanisms of cardiac inflammation in the failing heart

Pilar Alcaide (Brigham and Women’s Hospital)
Inflammation in the pulmonary microvasculature during pneumonia
Clare Doerschuk (University of North Carolina)

Acute Neurovascular Inflammation: Stroke
Peripheral contributions to vascular inflammation after stroke: The role of the microbiome
Louise McCullough (University of Texas, Houston)
Inflammation regulates CNS lymphatic vasculature and drainage
Zsuzsa Fabry (University of Wisconsin, Madison) 

Leukocyte Migration Across Endothelium and Beyond
Sponsored by the American Society for Investigative Pathology
Mechanisms of leukocyte migration across cerebral vessels

Lydia Sorokin, University of Muenster
The diapedesis synapse: the actin cytoskeleton in control
Jaap van Buul (University of Amsterdam)

Microvascular Permeability and Tissue Edema
Sponsored by the Microcirculatory Society
Lymphatic adherens junctions regulate growth and function

Joshua Scallan (University of South Florida)
Manipulating and exploiting tumor vascular permeability
Dai Fukumura (Massachusetts General Hospital)

Chronic Neurovascular Inflammation: MS and Dementia
Impact of inflammation on the cellular pathway of T cell diapedesis across the blood-brain barrier
Britta Engelhardt (Universität Bern)
Acute and development effects of testosterone on inflammatory responses at the BBB
Melissa Brown (Northwestern University)


Special Symposia

Pre-Conference Meeting for Trainees

Organizers: Mabruka Alfaidi, LSU Health Sciences Center - Shreveport and Gustavo Oliveria de Paula, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Friday, October 23 - time to be determined
Requires an additional registration fee of $10.

Program will consist of a guest speaker, a discussion or presentation on career development and abstracts presentations from graduate students and postdocs.

Refreshments will be served

*Session organizers will select the abstracts for presentation and the authors must be registered for this session.

Award Presentations and Lectures

Earl P. Benditt Award Lecture - date to be determined
Patricia D'Amore, Schepens Eye Research Institute, MEEI, Harvard Medical School 

Judah Folkman Award in Vascular Biology Lecture - date to be determined
Kristy Red-Horse, Stanford University

Springer Junior Investigator Award Lecture - Thursday, October 29 at 10:30amET

Recipients have not yet been determined


Joint Sessions:

Signaling in Vascular Inflammation
Thursday, October 29 - 11:00am-1:45pmET (presented in two parts)
Co-sponsored by the Microcirculatory Society and the American Society for Investigative Pathology

Taming inflammation and death: Therapeutic targeting of RIP kinases in atherosclerosis
Denuja Karanukaran (Monash University) 
A systems genetics analysis of human endothelial cells
Casey Romanoski (University of Arizona)
Non-coding RNAs in vascular cell therapy
Lars Maegdefessel (Technische Universität München)
Neural control of immunity
Sangeeta Chavan (Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research)
Foxo transcription factors regulate lymphatic valve formation
Ying Yang (University of South Florida)
Endothelial cell calcium signaling regulates leukocyte diapedesis: Studies using intravital microscopy
David Sullivan (Northwestern University)

High Endothelial Venule: A Gateway for T Cell Entry in Cancer and Chronic Inflammation

Organizer: Masanobu Komatsu, Johns Hopkins All Children’s Research Hospital
Tuesday, October 27 - 11:00am-12:30pmET
Masanobu Komatsu (Johns Hopkins All Children's Research Hospital)
Regulation and function of intratumoral high endothelial venules
Gabriele Bergers (KU Leuven)
High endothelial venules (HEVs): specialized blood vessels mediating lymphocyte entry to lympth nodes and tumors
Jean-Philippe Girard (CNRS-University of Toulouse)

Vascular Therapeutics
Organizer: Masanori Aikawa, Brigham and Women's Hospital
Wednesday, October 28 - 11:00am-12:30pmET
NHLBI and development of cardiovascular therapeutic interventions
Zorina Galis (NHLBI/NIH)
MicroRNA-targeted therapeutics for atherosclerosis
Elizabeth Tarling (University of California, Los Angeles)
The promise of antisense therapeutics for undruggable targets in cardiovascular disease
Sotirios Tsimikas (Ionis Pharmaceuticals and University of California, San Diego)
Innovative therapeutics: gene therapies and vaccines for cardiovascular diseasese and COVID-19
Ryuchi Morishita (Osaka University School of Medicine)


Event Partner:


Funding for this conference was made possible (in part) by 1R13HL152546-01 from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. The views expressed in written conference materials or publications and by speakers and moderators do not necessarily reflect the official policies of the NIH; nor does mention by trade names, commercial practices, or organizations imply endorsement by the U.S. Government.