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Poster Awards at Vascular Biology 2020


    Microcirculatory Society Poster Awards

MCS will present up to 4 Poster Awards to Vascular Biology (valued at $250). In order to be eligible for the award you must:

  • Be a MCS member
  • Be a postdoc, graduate student, medical student or equivalent
  • Submit an abstract to Vascular Biology 2020
  • Indicate that you would like to be considered for the award (check box within the abstract submission form)
  • Register for the meeting by September 1


NAVBO logo smallPoster Awards to the Vascular Biology 2020

(October 26-29, 2020)

Up to 30 Poster Awards (valued at $250) will be given to postdocs, graduate students, medical students or equivalent. You must be a NAVBO trainee member, you must submit an abstract and indicate that you would like to be considered for the award, you must be registered for the meeting with proof of attendance.. Awards will be announced at the Closing Session (Thursday, October 29 at 4:15pm). 


  • You must be a trainee member of NAVBO (your CV is required during the membership application process)
  • You must submit an abstract to Vascular Biology 2020
  • You must indicate on the abstract submission form that you want to be considered for the NAVBO Poster Award
  • You must attend VB2020
  • Only students (medical, graduate and undergraduate), post doctoral fellows and the equivalent are eligible.  You must still be in this position at the time of the meeting (October 2020)