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Center for Scientific Review

The below study sections are relevant to the research of NAVBO members.

NAVBO is providing the following for informational purposes only.  NAVBO cannot guarantee the placement, acceptance or funding of your grant.  Guidance contributed by recent study section members may not be applicable for current or future applications.  

Atherosclerosis and Vascular Inflammation

AVI - Atherosclerosis and Vascular Inflammation

AVI reviews applications addressing the pathobiology of the blood vessels, including inflammation of the vascular system, atherosclerosis and aortic aneurysms. There is an emphasis on endothelial and smooth muscle cell biology, macrophage biology, immune cells, and metabolic disorders. The effects of major risk factors such as diabetes, liver disease, aging, and smoking on the vasculature are considered. Most studies use animal systems and cell cultures, integrated with human subject approaches. Applications need not include an atherosclerosis model.

For more information, go to the AVI web page:


Basic Biology of Blood, Heart and Vasculature
Brain Injuries and Neurovascular Pathologies
Biomaterials and Biointerfaces
Cardiovascular Differentiation and Development
Hemostasis, Thrombosis, Blood Cells and Transfusion
Integrative Vascular Physiology and Pathology
Respiratory Integrative Biology and Translational