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Trainee Awards

NAVBO Trainee Travel Awards to the IVBM 2024

NAVBO is sponsoring up to eight $1,000USD Travel Awards for its trainee members (students or postdocs).


  • Complete the application form
  • Current active trainee member of NAVBO (student, postdoctoral fellow or equivalent)
  • Submitted an abstract to the IVBM 2024 (upload your abstract to this form)
  • Submit your CV (upload it into the form)
  • Letter of recommendation from your immediate supervisor (PI) that confirms your status in their lab and attests to your work on the project described in your abstract. (this letter should also be uploaded within the form)

These travel awards will be paid out after the meeting upon receipt of meeting expenses.  Covered expenses include meeting registration, hotel, airfare and ground transportation; we will not cover meals.

Recipients will be selected by the NAVBO Meritorious Awards Committee.  We will coordinate with other societies regarding their awardees; individuals will not receive more than one award, although if eligible can submit applications to more than one society. 


Travel Awards -
NAVBO will present Travel Awards based on the review of submitted abstracts


  • You must be a trainee member of NAVBO (upload your CV with your abstract submission)
  • You must submit an abstract to Vascular Biology 202 - Follow this link to the submission form
  • You must indicate on the abstract submission form that you want to be considered for a NAVBO Trainee Travel Award and complete the necessary questions including uploading your CV.
  • Only students (medical, graduate and undergraduate), post doctoral fellows and the equivalent are eligible. You must still be in this position at the time of the meeting (October 20-24, 2024)

Recipients will be notified prior to the meeting and will be presented with their award certificate at the Opening Session of the meeting on October 20.  Please note - although several trainees from a single lab can submit an application, only one per lab will be awarded.

Outstanding Poster Awards -
NAVBO will present Outstanding Poster Awards based on the quality of the poster presentation


  • You must be a trainee member of NAVBO (upload your CV with your abstract submission)
  • Only students (medical, graduate and undergraduate), post doctoral fellows and the equivalent are eligible. You must still be in this position at the time of the meeting (October 20-24, 2024)
  • You must submit an abstract to Vascular Biology 2024
  • Once you are notified that your abstract will be presented as a poster, indicate that you would like to be considered for an Outstanding Poster Award by submitting your poster (a link to this submission form will be included in the email with additional instructions) 
  • Travel Award recipients are not eligible for Poster Awards

Each poster presenter participating in this poster competition will be interviewed by at least two judges.  Judges will view posters online prior to the meeting and talk with presenters during the presenters' required hour.  Awards will be based on both the appearance and content of the poster as well as the conversation with the judges.  Judges will not identify themselves as judges.

Recipients will be announced on the final morning of the meeting prior to the last session on October 24.


Advancing Young Voices through Diversity and Inclusion

Student Memberships are available for those who identify with a group that is underrepresented in vascular biology.

NAVBO is providing a funding platform to support diversity and inclusion efforts in the vascular biology community at the undergraduate and graduate student career stages.

The North American Vascular Biology Organization (NAVBO) provides a forum whereby members disseminate and share information related to the scientific field of vascular biology, ensuring the translation of knowledge from basic science to clinical practice. NAVBO supports and organizes meetings, workshops, online events and maintains a website linking the vascular biology community. We actively recruit trainees as members and support their growth and career.

We would like to increase diversity and inclusion within the vascular biology community, expose more young scientists to the field of vascular biology, and bring more trainees into this collaborative community. Therefore, we are extending this offer of free membership to students who are members of populations that are not well represented in vascular biology, including but not limited to Black/African American, Latinx/Hispanic, Indigenous Peoples of America/Native American (including Native Hawaiian and Alaskan), and LGBTQ+.  We would also like to extend this offer to students who may be at a financial disadvantage and would benefit from this opportunity.

In order to take advantage of this offer, complete this application form. Students will need to upload their CV and a letter from their supervisor, confirming their status as a student.

Vasculata Scholarships are available for students and postdocs attending Vasculata who may need additional funding in order to attend.  Scholarships will be granted to those whose institutions do not have funding to support registration and/or travel to the meeting.

Applications will be accepted online only through the submission form below and accepted through May 1 - this deadline will be strictly adhered to - thank you.

Applications must include the following:

1) Responses to the four questions below. 

  • Please provide a summary of your project in layman's terms. Describe in 300 words, the disease or basic scientific question that you are investigating, the hypothesis, methods used, results and conclusions.
  • Where do you, the applicant, see yourself in five years?  Describe in 100 words. your professional goals and plans.
  • What is the main reason that we should select you for this scholarship? Describe in 100 words, any circumstances which the committee should be informed of to make their decision. 
  • How will you spend the money? Describe in 100 words, how you will use the scholarship money.  Be as specific as possible. Use is limited to registration, housing, and transportation (both airfare and ground transportation)

2) A letter from the applicant's supervisor/PI that

  • verifies your status within the lab/department (Be specific--3rd year graduate student; post doc in lab for two years, etc.)
  • confirms that there are little to no funds available for you to attend Vasculata

3.) Applicant's CV

ALL documents should be in pdf format.

Be sure you have all supporting documents on hand before completing the form.    You will not be able to save and return to the form.

Submit your application for a Vasculata Scholarship

From time to time, NAVBO provides Travel Awards to our Trainee members to attend other meetings including certain Gordon Research Conferences, the Gulf Coast Vascular Research Consortium and others. When awards are available, information will be included here and in the NAVBO NewsBEAT.