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Membership Benefits

NAVBO Provides Value

Why Join NAVBO?

  • As a NAVBO member, you are provided with numerous opportunities to display your science, interact with peers, discuss your work with renowned scientists, and stay current with cutting edge findings and resources in vascular biology research.
  • NAVBO membership provides year-round value whether you are an established investigator, postdoc, or student.
  • Become part of this vibrant community of investigators who collaborate on basic, translational, and clinical vascular studies.
  • Be part of the team reshaping our understanding of vascular development and pathophysiology and supporting the advancement of cardiovascular medicine.
  • Work with NAVBO’s leaders and play a crucial role in facilitating, expanding, and broadcasting vascular biology research.

Build Your Network

  • Meet and interact with colleagues inside and outside your discipline
  • Join the Vascular Network, an online community of vascular biologists
  • Participate in NAVBO committees
  • Attend meetings with reduced registration rates
  • List your online publications on the NAVBO ePub page and in the NAVBO NewsBEAT
  • Post your upcoming meeting presentations on the website, in the NAVBO NewsBEAT and in the Vascular Network

Communicate with Colleagues

  • Receive the NAVBO newsletter
  • Access the online NAVBO Directory of Members
  • Access the members-only community: the Vascular Network
  • Receive notice of upcoming events, meetings, NIH news, and other late-breaking news
  • List your online papers on the NAVBO ePub page
  • Post your upcoming meeting presentations
  • Discounts on subscriptions to certain journals
  • Advertise your post-doctoral opportunities, jobs and meetings

Get Recognition

  • Your online publications listed on the website and in the NAVBO NewsBEAT
  • Post your upcoming meeting presentations online, in the NewsBEAT and in the Vascular Network
  • Your lab featured in the NewsBEAT and home page
  • Present your work in an online session
  • Receive awards including:
    • Travel Awards
    • Outstanding Poster Awards
    • Springer Junior Investigator Award
    • Florence Sabin Award
    • Stephen Schwartz Award for Outstanding Mentorship
    • Judah Folkman Award in Vascular Biology
    • Earl P. Benditt Award


  • Monthly Vascular Biology Publications Alert
  • Monthly electronic newsletter, the NAVBO NewsBEAT, contains links to relevant science news
  • List of Training Grants
  • Fundamental Paper Archive
  • Access colleagues through the Vascular Network
  • Lessons Learned from Junior Faculty
  • Leaders’ Lessons from Senior Investigators
  • YouTube Channel
  • NAVBO Career Center (discount for members)
  • Plus more on our website (links to other organization, journals and other agencies)

Here are some additional details:

Download the NAVBO Information Sheet for a quick reference


Regular members pay only $145 in annual dues, Trainee members who are graduate students pay only $55 (undergraduates - $25) and post-docs pay $60. Credit card transactions will also include a $5 processing fee in each category.