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Abstract Submission


Vascular Biology 2021


Developmental Vascular Biology and Genetics Workshop VII 
Vascular Matrix Biology and Bioengineering Workshop VI

October 24-28, 2021

Asilomar Conference Grounds on the Monterey Peninsula

Abstract Submission Deadline is August 1, 2021


We are so pleased to be holding an in-person meeting, but we welcome abstracts for the virtual aspects of our meeting as well. We are still working out details, but in addition to our in-person Poster Session, ePosters and Virtual Poster Sessions will be held.  More details will be provided in the next couple of months.  

You may submit more than one abstract, however, the same abstract may not be submitted to more than one topic.

The organizers will attempt to program all submitted abstracts. NAVBO reserves the right to reject any abstract. Authors should indicate their preference for either poster, oral presentation or ePoster; however, due to the limited number of slots within oral sessions, most abstracts will be programmed for poster presentation.  If you are not able to attend the meeting, your abstract will be an ePoster and you will participate in our Virtual Poster Sessions.

  • Use Arial font, 10 point
  • Abstract titles are limited to 200 characters (including spaces)
  • Abstracts are limited to 1,750 characters (including spaces)
  • DO NOT include the title, authors or author affiliations in the body of the abstract
  • Enter each co-author into the database, be consistent with affiliations and include co-authors' emails, cities, states and countries
  • Additional instructions available when you enter the submission site.

For Junior Faculty

If you are within five years of your first independent investigator position and are submitting an abstract to Vascular Biology, consider applying for the Springer Junior Investigator Award.  See here for details and criteria.  The application form will be available in July (once we have transitioned to our new web site and management system) - thank you for your patience.

Topic Categories:

Developmental Vascular Biology and Genetics:

Heterogeneity of the Vasculature
From Screens to Genes
Clonal Expansion of the Vasculature
Neurovascular Development
Blood Vessel and Lymphatic Malformations
Metabolic Requirements for Vascular Development
Developmental Dynamics of Adult Microvasculature (MCS session topic)

Vascular Matrix Biology and Bioengineering:

Vascular Matrix in Disease
Matrix Engineering
Patterning and Morphogenesis
Biomaterials and Vascular Therapeutics
Microfluidics (MCS session topic)
Matrix in Vascular Calcification
Systems Biology and Modeling

Vascular Therapeutics

Vascular Biology (poster presentations):
Physiological Vascular Function
Vascular Bioengineering
Vascular Cell Biology
Vascular Development
Vascular Diseases and Anomalies
Vascular Matrix Biology
Vascular Biology - Other


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