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Christiana Ruhrberg, Ph.D.

August 1, 2014

Cell Biology Department
UCL Institute of Ophthalmology
University College London

ruhrberg lab 2014

From left to right: Alessia, Andy, Laura, Alex, Anastasia, Alice, James, Christiana, Claudio, Mathew, Anna, Kathryn

Primary Research:
Neurovascular interactions in the brain, eye and peripheral nervous system

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Lab Members:

Mr. James Brash, PhD student
Dr. Anna Cariboni, postdoc
Ms. Alessia Caramello, research technician
Dr. Kathryn Davidson research technician
Ms. Laura Denti, research technician
Dr. Alessandro Fantin, postdoc
Mr. Andrew Joyce, research technician
Ms. Tasilenia Lampropoulou, PhD student
Dr. Francesca Mackenzie, postdoc
Ms. Alice Plein, PhD student
Dr. Claudio Raimondi, postdoc
Dr. Valentina Senatore, research technician
Mr. Mathew Tata, PhD student
Mr. Miguel Tillo, PhD student

Recent Publications:
Imatinib inhibits VEGF-independent angiogenesis by targeting neuropilin 1-dependent ABL1 activation in endothelial cells (2014) Raimondi C, Fantin A, Lampropoulou A, Denti L, Chikh A, Ruhrberg C. J Exp Med. 211(6):1167-83

Neuropilin 1 (NRP1) hypomorphism combined with defective VEGF-A binding reveals novel roles for NRP1 in developmental and pathological angiogenesis (2014) Fantin A, Herzog B, Mahmoud M, Yamaji M, Plein A, Denti L, Ruhrberg C, Zachary I. Development. 141(3):556-62

The neuropilin 1 cytoplasmic domain is required for VEGF-A-dependent arteriogenesis (2013) Lanahan A, Zhang X, Fantin A, Zhuang Z, Rivera-Molina F, Specihinger K, Prahst C, Zhang J, Wang Y, Davis G, Toomre D, Ruhrberg C, Simons M. Developmental Cell. 25(2):156-68

NRP1 acts cell autonomously in endothelium to promote tip cell function during sprouting angiogenesis (2013) Fantin A, Vieira JM, Plein A, Denti L, Fruttiger M, Pollard JW, Ruhrberg C. Blood. 121(12):2352-62

Collaborative Relationships:

Prof. Michael Simons, Yale School of Medicine
Prof. James Bainbridge, UCL Institute of Ophthalmology
Prof. Peter Scambler, UCL Institute of Child Health
Prof. Steve Wilson, UCL Cell and Developmental Biology
Prof. Fanny Mann, University Aix Marseille

Recent Presentations:
IVBM 2014 (Kyoto, Japan; April 2014)
'Endothelial Cell Phenotypes in Health and Disease' GRC (Girona, Spain; July 2014)
'Angiogenesis and Vascular Remodelling: New Perspectives' (Chester, UK; July 2014)
'Vertebrate Inventions: The Neural Crest in Stem Cells, Development and Disease' (Rehovot, Israel, December 2013)