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Bhama Ramkhelawon

Bhama Ramkhelawon, Ph.D. Assistant Professor New York University School of Medicine Research Interests: My lab works on complex life-threatening vascular diseases such as aneurysms and PAD. We focus on immune/macrophage/monocyte responses as well as novel immunogenic properties of platelets in human and experimental settings. NAVBO Activities: NAVBO Member since 2016; 2019 Springer Junior Investigator Award…

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Abeer Mohamed

Abeer Mohamed, M.D., Ph.D. Assistant Professor University of Illinois Chicago Research Interests: In my Lab, we strive to better understand the role of adipose tissue secretions in the initiation and progression of human diseases with the ultimate goal of identifying novel therapeutic targets and preventive strategies for obesity-related diseases. We seek to accomplish this goal…

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Minah Kim

Minah Kim, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Columbia University Research Interests: The research in my lab is broadly focused to understand how vascular abnormalities contribute to disease progression and drug resistance in diverse pathological conditions, including cancer. Specifically, we aim to determine 1) the role of vascular abnormalities in T-cell exclusion and resistance to immunotherapies; 2) the…

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Scott Johnstone

Scott Johnstone, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Virginia Tech, Fralin Biomedical Research Institute Research Interests: large vessel disease, smooth muscle cells, endothelial cells, macrophages, cell signaling, gap junctions, pannexins, cell proliferation, inflammation, vascular healing NAVBO Activities: NAVBO Member since 2020; attended 2022 NAVBO meeting and co-chaired a session at this meeting; attended several NAVBO online seminars. My…

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Lian-Wang Guo

Lian-Wang Guo, Ph.D. Professor University of Virginia Research Interests: Current treatments for cardiovascular diseases are limited by the lack of understanding of not only intervention targets but also targeting methods. My lab tries to tackle this issue via a two-pronged approach. Through mechanistic studies, we are assessing some chromatin modulators, especially histone mark readers, as…

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Mingxia Gu

Mingxia Gu, M.D., Ph.D. Assistant Professor Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Research Interests: The Gu lab utilizes patient-specific iPSC derived endothelial and smooth muscle cells, as well as vessel organoids to explore the role of vascular deficiency in the etiology of heart, lung, and brain diseases. Recent efforts have largely focused on generating vascularized heart,…

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