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Juan Melero-Martin

Juan Melero-Martin, Ph.D. Associate Professor Boston Children’s Hospital Research Interests:  My laboratory has the following research interests: Vascular bioengineering, endothelial progenitors, pluripotent stem cell-derived vascular cells, tissue engineering, and vascular organoids. NAVBO Activities: Member since 2008; Publication Alert Committee, Editor (2014-present) | Publication Alert Committee, Senior Editor (2022-present) | Communications Committee, member (2022-present) | Co-organizer,…

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Yun Fang

Yun Fang, Ph.D. Associate Professor University of Chicago Research Interests:  My lab strives to contribute to and exploit a deeper understanding of vascular biology related to human disease and develop innovative nanomedicine-based therapeutic strategies to treat cardiovascular complications. We have contributed significantly to the molecular understanding of endothelial homeostasis governed by blood flow, with emphasis on…

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Hong Chen

Hong Chen, Ph.D. Associate Professor Boston Children’s Hospital Research Interests:  My laboratory studies the role of endocytic adaptor proteins in development an in diseases such as atherosclerosis, ischemic stroke, diabetes, lymphedema, cancer, myocardial infarction, and obesity. We have developed unique in vivo and in vitro mammalian model systems to aid in the detailed characterization of these…

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Marie Billaud

Marie Billaud, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Brigham and Women’s Hospital Research Interests:  My lab works on human aortic aneurysms arising in the proximal aorta. I work mainly on human specimens to answer various questions pertaining to the pathological mechanisms of the disease in various patient populations. Our lab studies several patient populations, including patients born with…

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Andreas Beyer

Andreas Beyer, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Medicine and Physiology Co-director Cardio-Oncology Basic and Translational Research Program Medical College of Wisconsin Research Interests:  My lab as part of a larger group of investigators at MCW is focused on understanding the role of the vascular endothelial in development of human disease including CAD and aging related decreased…

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Sophie Astrof

Sophie Astrof, Ph.D. Associate Professor Rutgers University Research Interests:  My lab works on cardiovascular development in the context of congenital heart disease. We have been studying mechanisms by which pharyngeal arch arteries develop and remodel into great vessels. NAVBO Activities: Member (Education Committee) 2021-2023 Poster Judging – I am not sure of the dates, but…

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