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Victoria Bautch, Ph.D.

March 1, 2017

Professor and Chair
Biology Department
McAllister Heart Institute
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
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Primary Research:  Vascular Development and Function

Research in the Bautch Lab centers on the molecules and processes that control development and disease. Their major focus is the study of how blood vessels form and are patterned during development, and how these processes are disturbed or co-opted during diseases such as cancer.

Lab Web Site:

Members of the laboratory:

Dana Lynn Ruter (Postdoc)
Diana Chong (Grad Student)
Lyndsay Wylie (Grad Student)
Michael Zheng (Lab Manager)
Maryanna Parker (Lab Research Tech)
Kathryn Citrin (undergraduate)
Andrea McSweeney (undergraduate)

Recent Publications:

Collaborative Relationships:

Suk-Won Jin (Yale U.); Paul Dayton (UNC); Feilim Mac Gabhann (Johns Hopkins U); Ondine Cleaver (UT Southwestern).

Recent Presentations:

  • IVBM, Boston MA (Nov 2016)
  • IBS-MPI Conference on Vascular Biology, Daejeon, Korea (Oct 2016)
  • Cells in Motion, Munster Germany (May 2016)
  • GRC Endothelial Cell Phenotypes (July 2016)
  • Kloster-Seeon Angiogenesis Meeting (Sept 2016)