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Anjelica Gonzalez, Ph.D.

April 1, 2019

Department of Biomedical Engineering
Yale University
New Haven, CT

Primary Research:

With a multi-disciplinary approach, the Gonzalez lab combines organic chemistry, molecular biology, and image analysis to develop biomimetic scaffolds to dissect the role of microvascular pericytes in the human immunological process.
Research projects in the Gonzalez lab include the development of biomaterials for investigating the influence of outside-in mediated signaling that leads to functional cell migration, matrix remodeling and transdifferentiation. These activities are investigated in leukocytes, neural stem cells, pericytes and endothelial cells. Research areas include microvascular and tissue homeostasis of pericyte abundant tissues, like the lung, skin, and brain. This work extends to wound repair, scar formation, fibrosis, ischemic stroke, and Sweet’s syndrome.

Lab Web Site:

Members of the laboratory:

Postdoctoral Trainee: Catherine Kim, PHD
Graduate student: Rita Matta, MS
Graduate student: Laura Morales, BS
Graduate student: Katarzyna Grzelak, BS
Undergraduate research assistant: Tracy Chung
Undergraduate research assistant: Quinn Lewis
Undergraduate research assistant: Carly Israel

GonzalezAnjelica Lab

Recent Publications:

  • Matta R, Gonzalez AL. Stroke Repair via Biomimicry of the Subventricular Zone. Frontiers in Materials. doi: 10.3389/fmas.2018.00015
  • Pellowe, AS., Gonzalez AL, et. al. Endothelial cell-secreted MIF reduces pericyte contractility and enhances neutrophil extravasation. FASEB Journal 2019
  • Sava P, Ramanathan A, Dobronyi A, Peng X, Sun Y,  Ledesma-Mendoza A, Herzog EL, Gonzalez AL. Human Pericytes Adopt Myofibroblast Properties in the Microenvironment of the  Human IPF Lung. Journal of Clinical Investigation Insight. doi: 10.1172/jci.insight.96352
  • Pellowe A, Lauridsen H, Matta R, Gonzalez AL. Ultrathin porated elastic hydrogels as a biomimetic basement membrane for dual cell culture. Journal of Visual Experimentation. doi: 10.3791/56384
  • Lauridsen HM*, Pellowe A*, Ramanathan A, Liu R, Miller-Jensen K, McNiff JM, Pober JS, Gonzalez AL. TNFα and IL-17A-activation induces pericyte-mediated basement membrane remodeling in human neutrophilic dermatoses. American Journal of Pathology. Jun 10. doi: 10.1016/j.ajpath.2017.04.008.
  • Lauridsen HM, Gonzalez AL. Biomimetic, ultrathin and elastic hydrogels regulate human neutrophil extravasation across endothelial-pericyte bilayers. PLoS One 12(2): e0171386. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0171386.

Collaborative Relationships:

Jordan Pober, Yale School of Medicine
Karen Hirschi, Yale School of Medicine
Erica Herzog, Yale School of Medicine
Michael Modo, University of Pittsburgh

Recent Presentations:

Inspiring Yale 2019
BMES Diversity Award 2018

Laboratory Logo:

GonzalezAnjelica logo.jpg