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Yi Fan, M.D., Ph.D.

March 1, 2021

Department of Radiation Oncology, Cardiovascular Institute and Abramson Cancer Center
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA

Primary Research:

Our research focuses on tissue microenvironment. The goal of our research is to develop new therapeutics in cancer and regenerative medicine by reprogramming endothelial cells, myeloid cells, and stem cells. The primary interest of our recent study is the role of endothelial plasticity in vascular aberrancy, cancer progression, and tumor immunity.

Lab Web Site:

Members of the laboratory:
Menggui Huang, PhD, Postdoc fellow
Ritama Paul, PhD, Postdoc fellow
Fan Yang, PhD, Postdoc fellow
Zachary Lamplugh, PhD student
Duo Zhang, PhD student
Huijuan Yang, MS student
Nohelly Derosiers, rotation PhD student


Recent Publications:

Ma W, Wang Y, Zhang R, Yang F, Zhang D, Huang M, Zhang L, Dorsey JF, Binder ZA, O’Rourke DM, Fraietta JA, Gong Y*, & Fan Y*. Targeting PAK4 to reprogram vascular microenvironment and improve CAR T immunotherapy for glioblastoma. Nature Cancer 2021; 2, 83–97. *Co-corresponding authors.
Huang M, Zhang D, Wu JY, Xing K, Yeo E, Li C, Zhang L, Holland E, Yao L, Qin L, Binder ZA, O’Rourke DM, Brem S, Koumenis C, Gong Y, & Fan Y. Wnt-mediated endothelial transformation into mesenchymal stem cell-like cells induces chemoresistance in glioblastoma. Science Translational Medicine 2020; 12(532): eaay7522.
Fan Y: Vascular Detransformation for Cancer Therapy. Trends in Cancer 2019; 5(8): 460-463.
Wang Q, He Z, Huang M, Liu T, Xu H, Ma P, Zhang L, Zamvil SS, Hidalgo J, Zhang Z, O’Rourke DM, Dahmane N, Brem S, Gong Y, & Fan Y. Vascular niche IL-6 induces macrophage M2 polarization in gliomblastoma through HIF-2α. Nature Communications 2018; 9(1): 559.
Huang M, T Liu, Ma P, Mitteer RA, Zhang Z, Kim HJ, Yeo E, Zhang D, Cai P, Li C, Zhang L, Zhao B, Roccograndi L, O’Rourke DM, Dahmane N, Gong Y, Koumenis C, & Fan Y. c-Met-mediated endothelial plasticity drives aberrant vascularization and chemoresistance in glioblastoma. Journal of Clinical Investigation 2016; 126(5): 1801-14.