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Carmen Halabi, M.D., Ph.D.

May 1, 2021

Department of Pediatrics
Division of Nephrology
Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

Primary Research:

The overall goal of the lab is to understand the role of the extracellular matrix, particularly the elastic fiber, in vascular development and disease such as aneurysms and hypertension. We utilize mouse models carrying disease-causing mutations or lacking extracellular matrix genes to study their role in elastic fiber assembly.

Lab Web Site:

Members of the laboratory: 
Michelle Lin, PhD – Staff Scientist
Kara Jones – Research Technician
Bridget Hunkins – Graduate Student
Alice Herrmann – Undergraduate Student


Recent Publications:

  • Halabi CM and Hulbert ML. Sickle cell disease – Under pressure. Pediatric Blood & Cancer 2021, 68(5):e28932.
  • Zhang X, Hanson AM, Scherf de Almeida TU, Emfinger CH, McClenaghan C, Harter T, Yan Z, Cooper PE, Brown GS, Arakel EC, Mecham RP, Kovacs A, Halabi CM, Schwappach B, Remedi MS, Nichols CG. Complex consequences of Cantu syndrome SUR2 variant R1154Q in genetically modified mice. JCI Insight 2021, 6(5):e145934.
  • Halabi CM and Kozel BA. Vascular elastic fiber heterogeneity in health and disease. Current Opinion in Hematology 2020, 27(3):190-196.
  • McClenaghan C, Huang Y, Yan Z, Harter T, Halabi CM, Chalk R, Kovacs A, van Haaften G, Remedi MS, Nichols CG. Glibenclamide reverses cardiovascular abnormalities of Cantu Syndrome drive by KATP channel overactivity. J Clin Invest 2020, 130(3):1116-1121.
  • Li P, Halabi CM, Stewart R, Butler A, Brown B, Xia X, Santi C, England S, Ferreira J, Mecham RP, Salkoff L. Sodium-activated potassium channels moderate excitability in vascular smooth muscle. J Physiol 2019, 597(20):5093-5108.
  • Lee VS, Halabi CM, Broekelmann TJ, Trackman PC, Stitziel NO, Mecham RP. Intracellular retention of mutant lysyl oxidase leads to aortic dilation in response to increased hemodynamic stress. JCI Insight 2019, 5(15):e127748.
  • Halabi CM and Mecham RP. Elastin purification and solubilization. Methods Cell Biol. 2018, 143:207-222.
  • Halabi CM, Broekelmann TJ, Lin M, Lee VS, Chu ML, Mecham RP. Fibulin-4 is essential for maintaining arterial wall integrity in conduit but not muscular arteries. Science Advances 2017, 3(5):e1602532.