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Richard Pierce, PhD

February 23, 2024

Assistant Professor
Department of Pediatrics
Section of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine
Yale School of Medicine


Primary Research:

Our passion is to understand blood vessel dysfunction in the setting of critical illness. Blood vessels, and the endothelial cells that line them, extend to within micron of all the cells in the human body. Blood vessels regulate blood volume, flow and fluidity as well as immune and platelet activation. To understand how these processes break down in the setting of critical illness we must understand the fundamental biology of endothelial cells and care for the sickest patients. Our research is keenly focused on capillary barrier function loss in acute critical illness. We utilize trans-endothelial electrical resistance measurements with primary endothelial cells and patient samples to identify molecules and pathways to study that are directly relevant to human disease.

Laboratory web site URL:

Recent Presentations: 

  • MicroRNA-1 protects the endothelium in acute lung injury (PMC10561733)
  • Suppression of angiopoietin-like 4 reprograms endothelial cell metabolism and inhibits angiogenesis (PMC10716292)
  • Single-cell atlas of the human neonatal small intestine affected by necrotizing enterocolitis (PMC10234541)
  • Integrated Analysis of Tracheobronchial Fluid from Before and After Cardiopulmonary Bypass Reveals Activation of the Integrated Stress Response and Altered Pulmonary
  • Microvascular Permeability (PMC10052603)
  • ArhGEF12 activates Rap1A and not RhoA in human dermal microvascular endothelial cells to reduce tumor necrosis factor-induced leak (PMC9103844)

Collaborative Relationships:

As a truly translational research program we maintain multiple collaborations with basic and clinical scientists, within Yale and across the country.

Laboratory Motto:

People First – Dedication to career development
Process Second – Promote rigorous scientific methods and results
Results Third - Groundbreaking discoveries that improve the health of critically ill children