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Vascular Biology 2020 - Going Virtual!

October 26-29, 2020 | Virtual Event

VB2020 LogoSmallerForWebsiteVascular Biology is the annual meeting of the North American Vascular Biology Organization.  This meeting will feature the Biology of Signaling in the Cardiovascular System Workshop and the Vascular Inflammation Workshop plus special symposia, keynote lectures "Meningeal blood and lymphatic vasculature in regulation of brain immune surveillance and function" by Jonathan Kipnis, University of Virginia, and "The Glymphatic System" by Maiken Nedergaard, Universities of Rochester and Copenhagen, a Pre-Conference Meeting for and organized by trainees, Award Lectures, joint symposia: Signaling in Vascular Inflammation, Vascular Therapeutics-New Technologies in Vascular Medicine, and High Endothelial Venule: A Gateway for T Cell Entry in Cancer and Chronic Inflammation, and of course posters and exhibits.  

Go to the meeting web site.

NAVBO condemns racial violence and supports all its members, regardless of color or creed

During these unprecedented times, NAVBO states unequivocally its condemnation of institutional racism and violence. NAVBO strongly supports #BlackLivesMatter and stands with the Black community and all underrepresented minority groups. Black lives DO matter. Racism and hate have no place in this society or in science. We support all our members and all scientists, regardless of color or creed. We are there for you, because you are part of us. We welcome everybody to join us in our efforts to raise up ALL scientists and to better the human condition via innovative, cutting edge and diverse science.  

Please read the full message from our President, Ondine Cleaver.

COVID-19 Statement

Dear NAVBO Colleagues,

As part of North American Vascular Biology Organization’s mission to build a vibrant and supportive community, NAVBO hosts an annual meeting and a summer course (Vasculata). These meetings are essential opportunities to build connections. However, as a professional association, we are also committed to the health and safety of our members, and we are always vigilant about monitoring the local conditions where these events are held.

COVID-19 is a developing situation and we are monitoring it closely. As you know, it was necessary to postpone Vasculata. We have also decided to move Vascular Biology 2020 to a virtual platform.  All speakers have agreed to participate and we will offer the same content as the face-to-face meeting.  See the meeting description, register (at a reduced rate) and submit an abstract.

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Inflammatory cells in a healing wound (red and blue). The green cells have undergone apoptsis. Mouse skin.
Maria Febbraio Lab, University of Alberta
Keratinized mouse skin.
Maria Febbraio Lab, University of Alberta
Inflammatory cells (blue) entering a mouse skin wound near to a blood vessel. Apoptotic cells are stained green.
Maria Febbraio Lab, University of Alberta
Human endothelial cells exposed to BMP sprouting in fibrin matrix. Actin cytoskeleton in depth encoded colors.
Lauren Saunders (Bautch Lab)


Drs. Eichmann, Ramkhelawon and Sessa
2019 Meritorious Awards


Marlene Rabinovitch, M.D.
Stanford University School of Medicine

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